Our ProMedklinik Group is proud to be amongst the first Hospitals in Germany and worldwide using the individually produced Patient Knee Joint Prosthesis, a personalized implant positioning that will allow the patient full motion of the knee joint after the surgery.


Instead of relying on 2D-x-rays to plan surgery, the individual knee replacement system uses an MRI of your knee in conjunction with computer software to create a 3-D image of your unique knee joint. Patient-specific positioning implant and the first partial implant with an artificial meniscal bearing designed to glide freely throughout the knee’s range of motion, more closely replicating normal movement.


This new unique Individual Knee Replacement has many key advantages:

#Precise, personalized approach to knee replacement

#Uses 3-D MRI technology instead of 2-D x-rays

#Under local or full anesthesia


#MAXIMUM NATURAL MOTION – Wide range of movement with full flexion capacity up to 150 degree

#Based on your specific individual anatomy

#Patient-matched guides help surgeons with implant positioning

#Shorter operation time (approx. 45 min)


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