Neuro Robotic Training is the medical service with a Robot Suit to provide medical treatments for functional improvements of patients with cerebral, nervous and muscle disorders including spinal cord injury, cerebral embolism, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.

Treatments for functional improvements reproduction are kinds of our new unique robot therapies, which aim at the improvement of motor functions based upon the above mentioned “IBF” hypothesis. 


 Our aim is the treatment of functional improvement of patients with cerebral, nervous and muscular system disorders including spinal injury, cerebral embolism, stroke, Parkinson’s, etc.


When a patient uses a Robot Suit which provides motion assistance in line with BES as a reflection of motion intention, by the intermediation of the Robotic Suit interactive Bio-Feedback (IBF) is prompted among the cerebral /nervous system and the muscular system via or outside the human body.


Our 3 month daily approx. 2 hours treatment package assures the patient to be able to walk after finishing the treatment. 

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