Ophthalmology is a part of medication managing the life structures, physiology, and maladies of the eye. All assessments that imply to analyze eye infection ought to be completed by a doctor. An ophthalmologist is a specialist of medication who has practical experience in the finding and treatment of disarranges of the eye, notwithstanding diagnosing a fundamental illness that shows in eye signs or side effects. Since ophthalmologists perform activities on eyes, they are viewed as both careful and medicinal experts. The word 'ophthalmology' originates from the Greek roots 'ophthalmos' which means eye and 'logos' which means word, thought, or talk. Ophthalmology truly signifies 'the study of eyes'. Ophthalmology treatment in India is one of the world's ideal. Prepared therapeutic professionals study and practice this part of medication in top emergency clinics of the nation.